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About Us

About us

Established in 2006, Potash Creek Farms is a family run farm, primarily offering Christmas trees, greenery and hand crafted wreaths. We offer pre-harvested and cut your own trees in many varieties and sizes. We nurture a sense of tradition and are always trying to minimize our impact on the land and improve it whenever possible. We strive to be your local source of Christmas greenery and we are proud to work with local groups to build and support our communities!


Here is our family!

Our farming and land stewardship practices 

We cultivate our trees to maintain ground cover and a balanced ecosystem of plants, insects and animals. We do as much manual removal of noxious plants and insect pests as possible, reverting to non-natural solutions only in the case of outbreaks and to assist with initial tree establishment. We use sheep grazing to minimize the environmental impacts of mowing the vegetation among the tree fields.

We are situated in the rolling hills of Omemee, Ontario and are very lucky to have a beautiful view of them. Please share them with us and start a tradition of getting your Christmas tree from Potash Creek Farms.

Memberships and Associations 

Christmas Tree Farmers of Ontario

Canadian Sheep Breeders' Association

Ontario Environmental Farm Plan 

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